Happiness To Share ! Purchase above RM 80 FREE 1 pack of 3 colours masks + 1 Swiss RICOLA + 1 Mystery Gift . FREE DELIVERY above RM 200 分享喜悦 !消费满 RM 80 赠送 1包 3 色口罩 + (Ricola) 润喉糖 + 一份神秘礼物 购满 RM200 免邮


总有人,在等你回家 🏡
为你准备好饺子 🥟

Our Dumpling Queens Handmade, Classic, Ultimate Comforting  Dumplings are the tastiest dumplings you ever know ! These dumplings taste almost identical to our grandmother's family recipe and has since evolved to near perfection !!! 

Taste of Home. 💜

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