FREE mask (1 box) + 60ml sanitizer when spend RM150 & above! 免费1盒口罩+1支60ml洗手液 (满RM150消费)!

1. 如何订购饺子?Placing an Order

欢迎来到我们的饺子皇后 Dumpling Queens !

Hello ! Welcome to our dumping queens!
Place your order by clicking the link below:  or WhatsApp  +60 13-452 4762

2. 运费/联系方式  Delivery Fees 


We offer two methods to try out our Dumpling Queens 💃🥟 Dumplings.

You can opt to pick up the dumplings or deliver them right to your doorstep.

1. 运送 Delivery

🚚  我们使用LalaMove送货, 邮费是1 kilometere = RM1.00。请给我们完整的地址来查询更确切的运费。

🌿 我们的送货时间统一为 11 - 7点之间。暂时不能一一给予Tracking number 链接。送货员会在饺子发送后给你打电话,请留意未知号码。 

🌸 感谢你在这个时期给予我们饺子皇后的谅解与宽容!🌸

* 如果想要更改送货时间与日期🏡⏰,请随时联系我们!

🚚  We are using third party transportation service - Lalamove to deliver our dumplings! Delivery cost is RM1.00 per 1 Kilometre. Please do give us your complete address to calculate an accurate delivery cost.

🌿  We will be delivering your dumplings between 11-7 pm on the date specified to the address given ! 

🌿 We apologise that we could not provide tracking link for the time being. Riders will be asked to let the customer know they have arrived, please pay attention to the unknown number on the day of your delivery. 

🌸  Thank you so much for your patience and understandings with us! 🌸

* If you wish to change the time/date 🏡 ⏰ of the delivery, do let us know in advance.

2. 自取地点  Self Pickup Location


@ Jalan 6/149L,  57000, Jalan bandar baru,Sri petaling Sri Petetaling, KL


* 如果想要更改自取时间与日期🏡⏰,请随时联系我们!

On the designated time and date, please inform us half an hour before your arrival. We will get the dumplings ready and pass to you in front of the security booth.

* If you wish to change the time/date 🏡 ⏰ of the pickup, do let us know in advance.

3. 付款方式 Payment Method

我们提供多种付款方式,除了银行转账外,你也可以通过快捷的扫二维码付款 (MayBank QRPAY, TnG eWallet, 和微信支付)。
We provide a variety of payment methods. In addition to Manbank transfer, you can also pay by QR code (MayBank QRPAY, TnG eWallet and WeChat Pay).

Bank Transfer 转账  💰🧧:

Bank 银行:Maybank
Name 名字:Mahogany Sun
Account no 账号:514356567982
Details :Location 地点,Amount 数量


We will place your order once the payment is made! Thank you very much !

4. 收到饺子后需注意事项 / After Receiving Dumpling
⚠️ 注意 : 

🌸 收到饺子的时候,请马上把饺子放到冷冻柜里。
🌸 煮饺子的时候,不要解冻。直接把冷冻的饺子放在沸腾的水里。
🌸 素饺子请用中小火煮或蒸15分钟, 避免皮破了。
🌸 饺子可以冷冻保存在锡纸里2个月。
🌸 辣椒油🌶️可以在常温下保存6个月。
🌸 黑醋可以在常温下保存12个月。
🌸 更多的煮饺子方法请浏览我们网站的博客 :

如果我们的饺子适合你的口味,别忘了推荐给亲朋戚友!也可以在我们的 FACEBOOK 写一下好评论哦!让更多的人可以吃到道道地地原汁原味自家做的东北饺子! 💃🌻🌸


⚠️ Take note: 🥟

🌸 Please put the dumplings immediately inside the freezer once you receive them.
🌸 Please do not defrost the dumplings before cooking. Drop the frozen dumplings inside the boiling water to cook.
🌸 For vegetarian dumplings, please heat with medium low temperature to prevent them from falling apart. 
🌸 Dumplings wrapped in Aluminum Foil can be stored up to 2 months inside the freezer!
🌸 Chili Oil 🌶 can be kept in the normal temperature up to 6 months.
🌸 Black Vinegar can be kept in the normal temperature up to 12 months. 
🌸 Please visit our blog for more information:

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to serve you our delicious, authentic, premium home-made Northern China Dumpling Queens Dumplings ! 🥟💃👑

If the tastes are how you like it,pls do share with your friends and families! And we will be more than thrilled if you could help us to write a review on our FACEBOOK page! 🙏We also welcome any feedback from you to improve our service or quality of our Dumpling Queens! 

Enjoy the mouth-watering Dumplings 🌿🤤💖


From Dumpling Queens Team