Any purchase free - 1 pack of 5 colours masks+3 packs of 30g anchovies;Above RM80 - 1 pack of 5 colours masks+6 packs of 30g anchovies 每下订单都会赠送 1包5色口罩+3包小包的江鱼仔; 超过RM80 - 1包5色口罩+6 包小包的江鱼仔

饺子皇后特制新春盆菜 Prosperity Premium Seafood Casserole Feast Bowl

RM 199.00

你是我一年只会遇见的一次惊喜! 🐮🧡🍊

🏮在这个特殊的新年,要格外珍惜跟亲爱的家人相聚的难得时光!浓浓的民俗味里,感悟传统文化情结,  享受饺子皇后的盆菜和饺子!

🏮盆菜 (Poon Choi)是广东深圳和香港新界的饮食习俗,已有数百年的历史,是一种杂烩菜式。传统的盆菜用木盆或锑盆盛载! 人们喜欢逢年过节,大家围着热烘烘的盆菜,一边品尝,一边庆祝,  盆菜就有了喜庆团聚的意义!

🌸  海鲜皇后盆菜  🌸  

5 ~7人份  RM 199 💥

每位订购的顾客, 都可以获得赠品哦 💝
🎁 5色彩虹口罩
🎁 江鱼仔 x 6
🎁 可爱轻便型洗手液

* 请在下单后,请务必留下讯息告知送货日期及合适送货时间  !

鲍鱼 X 5、花胶桶 X 10、XL老虎虾 x  6、蚝士 x 12、熟带子x  12、花菇 x 10、鱼腐 x 2、干贝 x 25、鱼票 x 10、烟熏鸭 一整只,日本花菇、发菜、

🟠 内有另装一包:鲍鱼干贝高汤汁 🟠

👩‍🍳 盆菜煮法:注意事项:
🌿  烹煮前必须让盆菜完全解冻
🌿  开封后先蒸40分钟
🌿  酱汁开封前先摇晃均匀才倒入小锅
🌿  开中段火煮热,注意要一直搅拌免于焦低
🌿  然后把酱汁倒入盆菜中即可
🌿  盆菜也可以放在小火炉上,一边煮一边享用,更有风味。

Poon choi (pén cài 盆菜), Chinese casserole or feast bowl, is a dish that originated from Hakka villages in New Territories and is unique to Hong Kong. The dish could include up to 20 auspicious ingredients, each one cooked separately before being layered on top of one another in a wooden or clay-pot bowl to be slow cooked together again with gravy. 😋😋

🌸 Dumpling Queens Poon Choi 🌸
💚 Servings for 5-7 people  :  RM 199  
💝 Extra Free gifts for every order:  
🎁 5-color rainbow masks
🎁 Anchovies Snacks x 6
🎁 Cute Pocket Hand Sanitizer

Abalone X 5, Fish Maw Tube X 10, XL Tiger Prawns x 6, Oysters x 12, Cooked Scallops x 12, Flower Mushrooms x 10, Fish Curbs x 2, Scallops x 25, Fish Maw x 10, Whole Smoked Duck, Japanese flower mushrooms, Hair Vegetables, Taro, White Radish, Lotus Root!
🟠 Sauce: Abalone and Scallop Broth 🟠

👩‍🍳 Poon Choi Cooking Instruction :
🌿 Poon Choi must be completely defrosted before cooking.
🌿 Steam for 40 minutes after opening.
🌿 Shake the sauce evenly before opening it and pour into the small pot.
🌿 Bring to middle heat and boil. Pay attention to keep stirring to avoid burning.
🌿 Then pour the sauce into the Poon Choi.
🌿 Poon Choi can also be placed on a small hot pot and enjoy while slow cooking for more flavour.