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RICOLA Swiss Herb Lozenges 45g (Assorted Flavours) Expiration Date :End of October 2021 ~ R

RM 3.00


🌿 Ricola 香草无糖 ZERO SUGAR 润喉糖
      Ricola Swiss Herb Candy


⭐️原味 Original
🌱薄荷 Cool MInt
🍊橙香 Orange


• Safe + Sugar free
• Soothing and refreshing for your throat
• Natural Zero Additives

❗️原价 Original  ~  RM 7❗️
‼️优惠 Promotion  ~  RM 4‼️
❗️10 盒 送 2 盒   ~   Buy 10 free 2❗️
❗️食用日期 Expiration Date: 31.10.2021❗️


Ricola Swiss Herbal Lozenges (Sugar Free)
* Original Herb
* Orange
* Fresh Mint  

Made in Switzerland

Benefits : 
• For Soothing, Refreshing Great tasting, Sugar free

Sweetened with Stevia*
Ricola herbs are naturally grown in Swiss mountain areas, without use of artificial insecticides and pesticides.

Experience that unique refreshing taste only Ricola can provide, thanks to the natural herbs from lush Swiss mountain sides.

Sweetener (Isomalt), Extract (1%) of Ricola's Herb Mixture, Colour (Plain Caramel), Sweetener (Steviol Glycosides), Natural Flavourings (Mint, Menthol), Contains Permitted Colouring and Natural Flavouring Substances