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槟城正宗大鲜肉粽 Penang Authentic Giant Bamboo-Wrapped Glutinous Rice Dumpling (Zòng zi) ~ BC1

RM 11.00




软糯甜腻的米香~肥肉的油浸在糯米里,浸杂着爽滑可口的肉汁,超级鲜美,配上卤酱和酱油 香气十分的融洽~蒸过后,超级饱满,可以吃到家乡味粽子的感觉是无限幸福的~

🎈 饺子皇后馅料满满的大鲜肉粽 🎈

🍚 糯米 Sticky Rice
🦐 虾米 Dried Shrimps
🍄 香菇 Mushrooms
🎈 梅豆 beans
☘️ 粽叶 Bamboo leaves
🟤 栗子 Dried Chestnut
🥚 咸蛋黄 Salted Egg Yolk
🐷 五花肉 Marinated Pork Belly

🌿  家传独特秘方 Grandma Untold Recipe
🌿  统纯手工制作 Homemade/handmade
🌿  福建粽粒口味正宗 Hokkien Iconic Local Bak Chang
🌿  货真价实 Original and Authentic
🌿  精选上等糯米 Premium Glutinous Rice
🌿  高级食材 Premium Ingredients
🌿  香浓馥郁 Flavourful
🌿  馅料呼之欲出 Rich and Savoury Fillings
🌿  五花肉馅肥瘦相间 Juicy & Tender Pork Belly  
🌿  咸甜适中 Amazing Taste  
🌿  无任何化学添加 Free of Preservatives
🌿  健康卫生 Healthy & Hygienic


💖My love for you will never change!

In anticipation of the Dragon Boat festival, we have already started our Penang Home-Made Hokkien Rice Dumpling (Bak Chang) production …  again! From today onwards, you can savour the Bak Chang recipe by our Hokkien  Grandmom dates back to 1960 and is now made meticulously by the “Dumpling Queens” !

The rustic palm-sized pyramids are packed with roasted glutinous rice that’s quite tasty on its own. They're stuffed with pork belly, moist one whole salted egg yolk, shiitake mushrooms, dried shrimp and creamy chestnuts cooked with light soy sauce, dark sauce and other “secret ingredients”.

If you like the bak chang simple, home-style, flavour-packed and crammed with more filling than rice, look no more and place your order now through our website !


👩‍💻 www.dumplingqueens.com